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Client Obtains $500,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Pedestrian vs. Motor Vehicle Accident

On 12/21/2011, Plaintiff was conducting traffic control as part of his work duties as a U.S. Military Police Officer in Prince William County, Virginia when Defendant failed to obey Plaintiff’s hand/arm signals/warnings directing Defendant to stop. As a result, Defendant’s vehicle struck Plaintiff, a pedestrian, at a high rate of speed. Plaintiff suffered bilateral full thickness tears of the shoulders requiring bilateral arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs other significant post-operative treatment. Plaintiff also suffered injuries to his left hip, left and right ankles, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine, left knee, tibula-fibula and pelvis. The case settled six weeks before trial after Plaintiff’s deposition was taken and significant trial preparation. Plaintiff’s attorney retained several experts, to include a life care planner, vocational rehabilitation expert, and economist to testify regarding Plaintiff’s future medical treatment and lost wage.