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Injured customer recovers $158,000 from restaurant due to insecure door

On 1/21/08, Plaintiff was leaving a restaurant in Fairfax County, Virginia when the commercial glass exit door dislodged from its hinges, tilted and struck Plaintiff in the head, neck and left shoulder. The accident had no witnesses. Plaintiff went to her family doctor the next day with complaints of headaches and neck pain. Plaintiff was ultimately diagnosed with a herniated disc in her neck at C5-6 and saw a neurologist, who diagnosed her with post-concussive syndrome due to her headaches, blackouts, seizures, sleepwalking, sleep talking, fatigue and concentration difficulties, which were permanent. Plaintiff also had numerous physical therapy treatments for her neck and left shoulder. Plaintiff incurred over $51,000 in medical bills and no lost wage claim. Plaintiff retained a door expert who would have testified that the rusty hinges and washers and pivots required replacement and the Defendant should have called an expert to inspect these visible conditions before the accident. The case settled one week before trial for $158,000.