Our law firm’s workers’ compensation team is managed by our experienced attorney, Bryan G. Bosta.

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act is in place to provide benefits to Virginia employees injured in an accident on the job or suffering a disease as a result of the work environment. The goal of the employee is to receive fair compensation for his/her injuries. Compensation includes medical coverage, total and partial wage loss, permanent disability and death benefits.  Click here to see recent Workers’ Compensation Case Results.

In order to receive these benefits, however, injured employees must comply with the rules set forth in the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. Failing to comply with those rules can severely limit one’s right to benefits, and in some cases, extinguish an employee’s rights all together. Even innocent mistakes can have devastating results. Legal counsel is critical to protecting one’s rights.

The workers’ compensation team at Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C. has the knowledge and experience to ensure our clients receive their full entitlement under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. The lead attorney, Bryan G. Bosta, has handled workers’ compensation cases throughout Virginia, and is skilled in dealing with the wide array of issues that can arise in these cases.

Becker, Kellogg and Berry, P.C. provides free initial consultations for those injured on the job to help evaluate your case and determine your best course of action in order to best protect your rights.

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