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Virginia’s Pure Contributory Negligence Rule and How It Could Affect Your Injury Claim

Whenever an accident occurs, one of the key points of contention is who was responsible for causing it. While it is common for one party to be solely responsible, in Read More

Top Causes of Virginia Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents in Virginia can occur because of any number of different factors, from bad weather to dangerous road conditions to drunk driving. Unfortunately, fatalities and catastrophic injuries caused by auto Read More

Most Dangerous Roads in Virginia

Every driver is familiar with the dangerous roads in their area. Whether it’s that one hairpin turn or blind stop that is a particularly treacherous place to drive, every state Read More

Can You Still Collect Damages in an Auto Accident Case If You Were Negligent?

Oftentimes after a car accident, each driver tries to blame the other for the collision and for the damage that has occurred. One driver may argue that the other was Read More

Viewing 1 - 4 out of 4 posts