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Injured worker recovers $250,000 after suffering two seperate injuries working for the same employer in Virginia Beach, Virginia

On May 5, 2010, claimant injured his back at work. He received treatment, but improved, and returned to work at the pre-injury employer. Later, on December 28, 2010, claimant injured his back again at work, which necessitated surgery. He remained out of work since that time. After May, 2012, the insurance carrier took the position no claim was ever filed with the Commission as to the May 5, 2010, and therefore, the statue of limitations had not been preserved and ceased his benefits. He engaged our firm. We assisted in filing claims on his behalf for both accidents and found an Award agreement that had been executed by the parties relating to the first, but never entered by the Commission, which we believed to be a “claim” for purposes of protecting the statue. After the Award agreement was found, the parties agreed to resolve both claims for $250,000.